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Mother’s Day gifts to relax, energize — and last Mom all year

When it comes to finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift, the pressure is real. After all, she gave you life. Taught you to read. And didn’t say anything bad about all the dates you brought home (except to your father after you were gone). We’ve got you covered with great gift ideas that will deliver relaxation, energy, and a host of other helpful benefits. Best of all, each one lasts a lot longer than flowers or chocolates.

Start her essential oil obsession

Everything Mom needs to get in on the aroma trend in one easy gift set! Choose from 3 exclusive Mother’s Day gift bundles, each featuring a beautiful diffuser, 2 bottles of 100% natural oils, and a wood storage box. Choose from 3 options: Sleep Well, Extra Energy, or Spa Day — amazingly priced at a more than 50% savings, plus free shipping.

Perfect Mothers Day gift--aroma gift bundles

Ellia Aromatherapy Bundles, $49

Variety to spice up Mom’s life

Mom already into essential oils? Treat her to a pleasing sampler of natural scents with this variety 3-pack, featuring our most-loved single notes: Lavender, for calming and relaxation. Peppermint, to refresh and invigorate. And Lemongrass, for all-around uplifting. Just 5-7 drops in her diffuser at a time, and voila — Mom’s got aroma to last her for weeks.

Perfect Mothers Day gift--Essential Oil 3 Packs

Ellia Essential Oil 3-Pack, $29.99

Give an object of aromatic art

It’s not just a beautiful new centerpiece for Mom’s place — this ceramic and wood-crafted diffuser will fill her home with the pure, natural scent of essential oils. It also features a color-changing light, a library of relaxing and uplifting sounds, and an Essential Oil Starter Kit — after all, it helps to have something to diffuse in your new diffuser.

Perfect Mothers Day gift--Essential Oil 3 Packs

Ellia Gather Essential Oil Diffuser, $99.99

Treat her feet to warm relief

There’s nothing like a hot footbath to melt away all of Mom’s worries — not to mention making her feet softer and more beautiful. The Shower Bliss Footspa uses Heat Boost Power to warm cold water in minutes, while its massaging shower and bubble action massages and soothes Mom’s feet, for pampering relief anytime she feels like it.

Perfect Mothers Day gift--Footspa

Shower Bliss Footspa by HoMedics, $69.99

Ease her aches and pains

Moms love to list their ailments to anyone who’ll listen. But with this handheld massager, she might finally be at a loss for words. Its soothing heat and massage action will take care of Mom’s sore spots, while its ergonomic design and simple high-low intensity settings make it exceedingly easy to operate.

Perfect Mothers Day gift--Handheld massager

Cordless Body Massager by HoMedics, $49.99

With great Mother’s Day gift ideas like these, your Mom is sure to feel loved. Appreciated. And possibly the most relaxed she’s been since before you were born.